Show me I.D.

As a responsible tobacco manufacturer, JTI-Macdonald Corp.'s (JTI) position is clear: minors should not smoke and should not have access to tobacco products. This belief is central to JTI's Code of Conduct, and to JTI's marketing practices, operational policies and the way JTI does business.

As a responsible retailer, you play a critical role in keeping tobacco out of the hands of minors. To help support you, JTI is proud to launch and provide our valued customers with a new retailer age verification program -- Show Me I.D.Show Me I.D. was developed to provide you and your staff with the information required to understand and uphold the law when it comes to not selling tobacco products to customers under the legal age. Our Show Me I.D. toolkit includes the following material:

Show Me I.D. poster for display in an employee-only area (for example: back room); and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document to read and share with your staff.

Selling tobacco to minors is not just wrong, it is illegal. We encourage you to use these materials to reinforce the importance of not selling to minors and to tell your customers that you require I.D. for all tobacco purchases to those who look under 25 year

If you have any questions or require more information, please contact your JTI-Macdonald Trade Marketing Representative and/or call one of our regional offices listed below:

WEST: 1-800-663-0727
ONTARIO: 1-800-268-2068
EAST: 1-800-465-5990 


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